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About Us

The initial focus of Bible Voice was radio broadcasting, and through that close links were developed with the Fellowship on the Air in India.

With development of the internet, our emphasis has now changed to providing Bible Teaching on the web in video, audio and written formats which we hope will also become available in other languages.

What Your Donations are Used For


• Web hosting, video streaming, bandwidth, maintenance and development.

• Broadcast quality camera, lighting and video editing equipment, and software.

The site runs on an expandable hosting platform which is not restricted by bandwidth, storage or server loads. As usage grows, the website is ready to grow with it. The site is built on the Ruby on Rails framework, and site users will reap the benefit in the long-term as we roll out the services that this technology makes possible.


Most video producers and websites have paid employees. Bible Voice does pay outside providers for specialist services, and some of our content is kindly provided freely by others, but at present we don't have any paid staff and our administrative costs are kept very low. Your donation goes to meet the costs of running the website and producing Bible teaching. When you look at the list of credits at the end of a television documentary, you realise how many people are normally involved in programme production. Bible Voice runs on a fraction of what other producers spend.


We have a major video series in production, "In the Land of the Bible", and two more series planned, "Living in the Last Days" and "The King is Coming".

Funding Bible Voice...

We don’t run ads to fund the site because doing so could detract from our content and could easily create conflicts with our teaching. Our work is possible because of donations from our supporters. Will you help the work of Bible Voice by donating £3, £5, £10 a month or whatever you can afford, or by making a one-off donation?

Right now we are investing heavily in production equipment and new projects, so your help will be a great blessing. When you give to Bible Voice, you’re supporting Bible Teaching around the world. You’re helping Christians who may not have access to similar teaching to grow in their faith.

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