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Welcome to our new site!

We've designed our new website to provide a broad range of comprehensive and systematic Bible teaching in video, audio and written formats that you can access in a modern yet organised and intuitive way. We hope that you'll be blessed by the teaching.

We are really excited to have audio messages of all Roger Price's Basic Bible Studies and a commentary on the whole Bible by Pastor Lloyd Pulley available for the first time.

Also, we're now much better equipped to expand the video series "In the Land of the Bible" and to start two more planned series, "Living in the Last Days" and "The King is Coming".

Basic Bible Studies from Roger Price

All 99 Basic Bible Studies taught by Roger Price are now available for you to listen to. Roger died in 1987, but he left a rich legacy of teaching that has blessed many thousands of believers.

The Series is designed to give all believers a comprehensive, basic understanding of God’s Word. It forms a thorough foundation of teaching, building an excellent understanding of the scriptures.

In the first collection, Roger explains the nature of our Salvation before exploring the areas of Judgement and Prophecy over the next three series. The series continues with the Characer of God collection, before finishing with an exploration of the Word of God and looking at the Essentials for Growth in our spiritual lives.

Though the Bible with Pastor Lloyd Pulley

Pastor Lloyd Pulley, senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Old Bridge, New Jersey, USA, has generously allowed us to add to our site the whole of his verse by verse commentary on the entire Bible.

His series 'Through the Bible' teaches God's Word of truth in a practical, encouraging, inspirational and challenging way. We believe you will be really blessed by listening to this series.

Bible Timelines

When was Jesus born and when did he die? How long was the Flood and how long did Noah live?

See at a glance which Biblical characters were alive when Abraham was born!

You will find much more in the 'Timelines' section.

Calculating Dates

The calendar that most people know today is the Gregorian calendar, but the calendar in use in the Roman world at the time of Jesus was the Julian calendar. This continued until the 16th century in much of Europe, and even in Russia until the 20th century, and it is still the calendar used by the Eastern Orthodox Church today.

You can work out the dates in the Gregorian, Julian and Modern Hebrew calendars back to 4100BC.

You can also discover the dates and times of new moons and equinoxes right back into ancient history.

See the 'Calendars' section to discover this for yourself.